When will the forums begin?

The first groups began meeting in early, 2020. We anticipate future meetings will be held one time each quarter.  Future dates will be announced.

Do I need to be an Admin to join a forum?

Yes, although you may qualify to participate in the virtual forums.  Complete the survey to learn more or email linda@admin-focus.com.   

Do I need to attend a specific forum group?

Yes, each group is carefully chosen to make sure you get the best out of each meeting.  If you need to miss a meeting, arrangements can be made for you to participate in a different group to make-up a session.

What if I don’t connect well with the group, can I move to another one?

Yes, although you will be encouraged to attend at least two sessions with your specific forum.

If I want to be with Admins from my company, can that be arranged?

Yes.  As another option, you can email Linda at linda@admin-focus.com for onsite forums for your Admin community.

If I decide these forums aren’t for me, can I get a refund?

You will receive a partial refund. — Cancellation policy

If I decide to sign up for a second year, will I remain in the same forum?

Yes, although if you want to be part of a different forum, that can be arranged.

If there are more than three Admins in our company who sign-up, will there be a discount?

Yes, a 10% discount is offered for each sign-up when three or more Admins register from the same company.

What if I don’t live in Silicon Valley. Is there another way to participate?

Yes, virtual online meetings will be held with a similar format as outlined.  Depending on your time zone, start and end times may vary.

Do you have more questions?

Email me at linda@admin-focus.com. I’m excited to facilitate and participate in these upcoming groups.  We all have unique talents and expertise.  I can’t wait to learn from all of you.  Thanks in advance for your participation.